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Written by Joshua Kempf on August 4, 2022

Life Is A Journey!

I have spent the last 21 years teaching young soldiers how to be leaders, and how to effectively find and fix the enemy. This includes long days/nights of movement through unforgivable terrain, little to no sleep, and a continuous state of hyper vigilance. This allows you to stay alive and makes you strong, while teaching you how strong you truly are, and how far you can push yourself.

You are never alone

But, you are never alone. You are always working as a team. Your weakness is another man strength, and together we can accomplish anything. Defeat any evil! Your adrenaline is high and the LOVE you have for the guy serving next to you EMPOWERS you to do what it takes to keep evil people from hurting the innocent.

Back home and feeling the weight of your experiences

Then the dust settles and you are back at home SAFE, but you have this heavy weight that you carry around. This weight of what has been done to protect the men to your left and right. The weight of what has been done to protect the innocent people and the FREEDOMS that we have in this great nation. You have to slow down and try to make peace with yourself. You feel like you are all alone. The battle is now within and you don’t want to be a BURDEN on someone else.

The Army of Healers

Bethany and I have teamed up with Tim Shurr to create an Army of Healers. He has 30+ years helping people along their journey of healing and upgrading their beliefs. He has helped me quit smoking (1year solid now) and has taught me how powerful we really are.

One Final Mission

Our One Final Mission is to teach these men and women that they can enjoy their freedoms. Teaching them how to upgrade their beliefs about themselves. Showing them a better and more fulfilled life.

Click here to learn more about One Final Mission. We look forward to sharing and connecting with you!

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