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Josh Kempf CHt., NGH Certified Hypnotist & Transformation Coach

Empowering you to upgrade your beliefs & results through subconscious reprogramming 

Every day, and in every way, we just keep getting better & better.

Create Enduring Confidence & live your life freely

Each day is a blessing. Empower yourself to see a positive future perspective.  Join our community. Together we change our self-image, self-dialogue, and self-doubt.


Family is our reason. It sets our purpose in life, drives us to reach for higher heights, and be the best version of ourselves.


Duty is what drives us. We need out next mission. Always set new goals and strive to reach them. We only fail when we quit.


Dedicating ourselves to others and a higher purpose gives us the courage to do things we never thought possible.


Our community, friends, and neighbors shape who we are, what we will become, and provide us strength in our darkest hour.

The "One Final Mission" Documentary

empowering veterans and other trauma survivors to find peace and freedom

SFC Josh Kempf, USA, Ret., is collaborating with Tim Shurr to create "One Final Mission."  The goal is to free yourself from fear, endless circles of despair, and self-sabotage by upgrading the unconscious programming from your past.
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The OBA (One Belief Away) Method accelerates your results and growth faster and more sustainably than any other approach.

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The "One Belief Away" Method accelerates individual and business growth faster and more sustainably than any other approach.
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